Gluten Free Vanilla Frosting Mix

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Our vanilla frosting is made with the finest all-natural vanilla giving it its light and sweet flavor. Add some color or fresh fruit for decorating!

Confectionary sugar (contains cornstarch), natural vanilla flavor, sea salt.


Baking Instructions
Frosts one 9-inch single-layer cake or 12 cupcakes.

2 sticks softened margarine*
2 tbsp rice milk**

Vanilla Frosting Mix

1. BLEND the softened margarine*, rice milk** and frosting mix at medium speed for 2 minutes, occasionally scraping the bowl.

Bring the margarine* to room temperature so it is soft but not melted. Do not use tub margarine.
You can place frosting in the refrigeration for 10 minutes to make it firmer for decorating.

2. FROST your cakes, cookies or cupcakes or just lick it right off the spoon!


*Substitute dairy free margarine or butter† according to your needs.
**Substitute plain soy milk or milk† according to your needs.
†Unless you are allergic to this ingredient.