Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Founder

Meet Patsy Rosenberg

I developed food allergies in 2000 and although it was not easy; I learned how to eat and cook without dairy, egg, or nuts. I love to bake for my family and friends, but there were no baking mixes available to meet my special allergy needs. As a result, I grew creative! Over the years and many batches of baked goods later, I perfected a variety of deliciously innovative recipes that satisfied not only my taste buds but also my new dietary restrictions.

During this time, I also witnessed many parents struggling to make special allergen-free desserts for birthdays, trips, and school parties. Their options were limited to either bake one “special cookie” for the allergy individual or provide one item for everyone that was severely lacking in taste.

My mixes not only satisfy the dietary needs of those with allergies but because of their fantastic flavor, they can replace what is already in your pantry and impress everyone. What I love about our products is that people have no idea that these cookies, cakes, and frostings are dairy-free, egg-free, and peanut-free because they taste so deliciously decadent.

A Family Affair

My whole family has been involved in the development of these special mixes with their support, opinions, and laughter. My two daughters, Sara and Caroline have been enthusiastic taste testers and my husband Chip is not only my partner in life but also in Cherrybrook Kitchen Inc.

As a family, we have baked many cakes, washed many pans, eaten a lot of cookies, and had a wonderful experience launching this company. These are products straight from my heart and soul (and taste buds), for everyone with or without food allergies to enjoy! This has been one sweet journey!

~ Patsy

Farmers and Ingredients

We are in the Northeast and Source Ingredients Locally!
We have Lot Tracability on Every Ingredient.